Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yesterday was my friend's birthday.  We had her out for a celebration dinner last night.  Because we had just stocked the freezer with a quarter beef and a half a hog, I was able to give her a huge choice of what she wanted for her special meal.  She decided on a pork roast.  So we had real comfort food last night.  I crock potted the roast with Bavarian Speasoning Spices from Penzeys, the wonderful spice company I was introduced to last summer by my son in Alaska.  The whole meal was the roast, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and some green peas (I felt green last night I guess!) and a little loaf of Asiago cheese bread from Panera.  And of course gravy.  I seldom make potatoes and gravy so hubby was thrilled!  And he was able to have his favorite treat for dessert.  A slice of bread with gravy on it, and sprinkled with sugar!  Yup, hubby's favorite dessert.  Really.  Comfort food for everyone!

My friend, Judy, is in her first few months of retirement.  We worked together at the college for almost twenty years, me in the registrar's office, she as a resident hall manager, where she was more affectionately known as the dorm mother.  I always tease her that she is the mother of thousands!  Judy did an excellent job as a manager and substitute mother and has many close friends among those young women who will be in touch with her for life. She always went above and beyond the call of duty.  I wonder if anyone will ever know the countless hours she spent with her girls, soothing their homesickness and their physical sicknesses, calming the storms after roommate or boyfriend spats, advising and easing the fears of confused young women heading out into the cruel world, and hauling the scared and nervous girls to the ER in the middle of the night when injuries or illness necessitated such a visit. 

As I said, Judy just retired, and she is homeless.  Well, homeless in a good way!  She has stored most of her belongings for the time being and has spent time this summer with each of her three daughters, one in Wisconsin, one in Minnesota, and one in South Dakota.  Her plan is to stay the winter with the South Dakota daughter and then to eventually move to Arizona.

Judy and I are in touch daily, even if it's a quick text of "hi"  or "miss ya."  But more often than not, if she is in town, the text will say "DB (or BN) at 2:30?"  and the reply will be "OK,  CU then."   DB is our favorite coffee shop, Dunn Bros, and BN is Barnes and Noble coffee shop.  We are coffee buddies!  And I love my time spent with this amazing woman.  Happy birthday and many more, dear friend!

Time to get showered and dressed.  I'm meeting Judy at DB at noon! 


Jacob Family said...

I love Judy! Please wish her a happy birthday from me! Wish I didn't have to go to work today, I would sneak up on you two ladies and join you for a cup!

Take care!

Marge said...

You need to do that sometime, Jen! We could plan it so you wouldn't have to sneak!