Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We arrived home safely late yesterday afternoon after detouring around our normal highway which was covered in several places with the Minnesota River.  The ten to twelve inches of rain that fell in twenty-four hours last week has closed off several communities and flooded many roads, not to mentioned that it also ruined many crops that were just about ready for harvest.  We found our place was just as we left it, no water or damage.

First thing this morning was our Tuesday eight AM Bible Study.  The rest of the day has been filled with stinky laundry.  Yuk.

And tomorrow I am leaving again, this time for only a day.  My three sisters and I are heading to Wisconsin to wish our aunt, our mom's only sibling, a happy birthday.  We'll spend some time with Elaine, visit with a couple of cousins, stay overnight, and come back Thursday morning.  Not a long trip, but one we are looking forward to.

And when I return I have some more photos of our Up North trip to post.

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