Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I should have time for another post.  Here goes..............
 The sky and lake were clear blue yesterday with 
lots of waves splashing along the rocks.
At times I could almost pretend it was the ocean! 
Isn't it lovely?
Lois, my sister who is along on our trip, and I went for a hike up the river.
The canyons and waterfalls are breathtaking.
I'd hate to trip and fall off these rocks!
This pink salmon is having a hard time trying to get over this waterfall.  I know for sure that three of those salmon didn't make it back to their birthplace.........they were wrapped in foil with butter and seasonings, and were cooked on our fire last night!  Excellent dinner!

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Lisa said...

these pictures are just beautiful. I so badly want to see some of the sights you see, but only in person not through your eyes. Sorry, but I can only imagine how beautiful they are for real. And the fish...poor fish, but one's body must be fed after a walk like that!!!