Thursday, September 02, 2010


Who is that good looking kid in the center of the picture?  Oh, that must be Marge's handsome grandson, Caleb, who will be a senior when school starts next week!  Yup, it is!  We went to his cross country meet this afternoon.  He didn't come in first, but he was absolutely in the upper half or better, and he did a fine job.  I kept losing track of him because he's grown so tall this past year and I keep looking for the little kid with red hair.  This is a young man!  Where does the time go.


Anonymous said...

Cross country is a great sport. I never knew anything about it until our oldest daughter began running in middle school, as my high school didn't offer it at the time. I was a sprinter, so wouldn't have held up over the course. The neat thing about it, usually everyone out for the sport gets to participate at the meets... or at least in smaller schools and when they run a JV race. Three of our daughters ran XCO through high school, and two more ran through middle school. Because each year their teams had some great runners, a couple of them got to participate in the state meet. Now THAT's a crowd! As one of their tshirts said one year, "Cross Country...the only sport where parents get exercise, too!" Spectators can find themselves out of breath, running to the next spot where they can see runners pass by. Some golf courses are more spectator friendly! Glad you got to see your grandson participate.

Nancy in Iowa

Memaw's memories said...

Time flies, and these little ones grow a foot over night. I know you are proud of him.