Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You know I'm from Minnesota. You probably know that the Minnesota pro football team is called the Vikings. And you maybe know that our fiercest rivals are the Green Bay Packers.

If you've read the last couple of posts, you know we went to Wisconsin for my cousin's wedding. You most likely have heard of the Green Bay Packers and maybe even of their quarterback, Brett Favre. And the most loyal fans in the whole NFL are the cheeseheads, err, the Packer fans.

Some of you may also have heard of the retirement, non retirement, retirement, ad nausea, of Brett Favre, and the rumors that he will once again come out of retirement and will be playing for the Vikings next season.

The reception following the wedding was held in a nice establishment a few miles from the church. As we (we being two cars full of Minnesota Viking fans) drove into the parking lot we saw a large Green Bay Packer sign. This must have set the wheels in motion.........

The bride announced that the "clinking of the glasses" was not going to result in the bride and groom kissing. The gathered friends and relatives had to sing a song with the word love in it. Soon we were hearing the Barney song "I love you, you love me," and "Jesus loves me," and "I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer wiener," along with many pop and country songs containing the word love. And my sister, Betsy, a first class writer, wrote a little jingle for us to sing:

(Think Grease and "We Love you Conrad.")

We love our Vikings, oh yes we do
We love our Vikings, and we'll be true.
If we don't get Brett Favre, we'll be blue,
Oh Vikings, we love you.

Yes, we did. We made complete fools of ourselves and sang our song. Nothing happened! The groom didn't plant a big kiss on the bride! Turns out the mike wasn't turned on, so fortunately no one except the near by tables heard our song, and unbelievably, there were no cries of Encore!


Lena . . . said...

That's hilarious! Wish I had been there to hear it.

Lisa said...

Oh too funny. Almost like us OU Sooners and our college football. I hate it that your mike was not on, that would have just made the day and the wedding reception for them!!!! (might have started a little fight, but oh all the more memories!!!) Glad you had a good time.

Laura said...

I'm glad you sang, at least. How funny is that cheesehead song! That's too bad about the mic not working, so no one got to appreciate the musical genius. Hey at least the internet will :) Oh do you know where the wedding venue was? I have been doing research for my own wedding in the area next Dec and I'm collecting ideas on http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/event_venues_wedding_sites.html. Thanks!