Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Good morning blogging friends. It's grey, cloudy, rainy and extremely windy out there today. I think it's a good day to go shopping!

My sister, Betsy, is retiring.....well, she's supposed to be retiring, but she keeps going back to train her replacement, so she's still working, actually. However, today she is not going in to work, and we are going shopping. We're hitting the quilt shops! She's looking for coordinating fabric to a charm pack I gave her, and I'm on a quest to find fabric for a tote bag for Robbin who won my third anniversary give away. And of course we'll do lunch. And maybe peruse a couple of thrift shops. You know the old saying: Neither rain nor wind will keep quilters out of the shops. Or something like that. Anyhow, we're going shopping and I'm expecting a really fun day.

But first we have coffee!

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Lisa said...

Oh what a wonderful day you have planned. I wish so badly that I had family or friends that I could do that with. Seems moving "home" has not accomplished what I had hoped. But oh well, I am home and that is what matters! Maybe I don't NEED to be out shopping. I think I will try to plant some flowers today!