Monday, May 25, 2009


Flowers for mom and dad's grave.
I was struck by the amount of flags that were flying in the cemetery today. Then I realized that the WWII and Korean War Veterans were of such an age now that they are dying.

I have no idea who this is, but something about him spoke Vietnam vet. I am probably wrong, but that's what the scene said to me.
Thank you to our military men and women for giving their lives so that America can remain free. I wish we would honor them more than once a year.

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Memaw's memories said...

Hey Marge, It is sad in some ways to see so many flags in the cemeteries. We only have one WWI vet left. They said on the news he's 108, with the numbers of both WWII and the Korean dwindling daily.

I only hope the next generations have some grasp of what these wonderful heros did for us and those new heros that are being made each day are doing for now.

I didn't make it to the cemetery where my dad is buried on Monday, but I think that's where I'm going after work.