Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The last two Sundays have been very important ones. We had two grandsons that were confirmed, Adam a week ago in our town, and Justin just this past Sunday, about two hours away from here. We were fortunate that we could attend both.
I didn't get any photos of Adam in his gown, but here he is with his cake. We had a lovely dinner at daughter Kari's home and spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with her and three of our others kids and families.

This past Sunday's confirmation was the special ending to my sisters weekend. Us four sisters had a great time. Between us we bought over fifty books at the huge book sale, but spent less than fifty dollars! We should be set for a little while now. We had a delicious lunch at a neat spot close to one of the colleges in town. We also hit a few trendy shops but we didn't buy anything. Then it was off to the outlet mall where our favorite T-shirts were on sale. Between us I think we bought about 16 shirts. When we returned home we had a pot luck meal with each of us contributing something. Fun, fun, fun!

Saturday morning we took off for our oldest son's home. Kevin and Molly live in a fun, trendy, shopping destination, river town, where they have a beautiful home. On Sunday we, and his other grandparents too, attended Justin's confirmation. It was another very nice confirmation service. And here is a picture of Justin.......

......his latest hobby is cruising down the streets.

These two grandsons are really neat kids, and we love them dearly! And what a blessing that their parents, our two oldest kids, bring them to the Lord's house every Sunday, and are teaching them the one thing needful.


Linda up north said...

Praise be to God! There is just nothing more important than knowing where your salvation lies!

Memaw's memories said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful time with your sisters and you family.

Isn't family time wonderful? We're getting ready for our family reunion in a couple of weeks and I'm getting so excited.

Lisa said...

such nice families you have there. and I love the picture of Justin on his skate board! How funny. I am glad you got to spend time with what matters most...kids and grandkids! Isn't life good?