Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday we were invited to a picnic on daughter Kari's lovely patio. It was a small quiet picnic, and we totally enjoyed the beautiful Sunday afternoon weather.

My youngest granddaughter (I have 6!) Anna was posing for a cute picture with her mom, and when I grabbed my camera she sat up straight, refused to pose again, and put on her silly smile. Such a sweetie!

My oldest grandson (I have 9!) is such a handsome dude, don't you think? He grabbed some food and headed off to stick his head under the hood of one of his fix-er-upper cars.

Another grandson, Caleb, wore his very best shoes to the picnic. Aren't they spiffy? He is a newly licensed driver and proudly pulled up in his dad's truck. He also came home with us and visited with us for a couple of hours while we watched the Big Ten track and field event. Caleb is in track and was listing his times vs the college mens' times. He isn't that far off, except in pole vaulting. He attends a very small high school, too small to have a vault pit so he doesn't get any practice. They just go to the meet and do it! He said their motto is: No PIT, NO PRACTICE, NO PROBLEM!


Lisa said...

Sorry I am behind on your postings. This was such a nice treat to get to see your family and I have to tell you....I LOVE THOSE SHOES. And I love his motto too.

Lena . . . said...

I absolutely LOVE Caleb's sneakers and would wear them myself. When you're an old bag like me you need to make a statement, you know!! What a handsome family. Thanks for sharing.