Tuesday, September 04, 2007


On Saturday morning we picked up our second daughter's two boys, Jacob and Caleb, so they could spend the weekend with us. A bit later, Kari , our oldest daughter, called and asked if we wanted Anna and Ben for a few hours so she could clean and go grocery shopping. Of course we wanted them! So we picked them up and headed back to our home in the state park.

I know where the wild plums grow, so we decided to see if there were any left. Ben outfitted himself with an awesome hiking stick, and Anna picked up a dead branch so she would have one too. Caleb found himself a nice rock wall to climb. And his older brother, Jacob, took a rest in the middle of the trail, plugged into his brother's iPod.


FAScinated said...

That is so Jacob!

Jacob said...

in all fairness i was not aware that you had a camera. and i was really tired