Wednesday, September 05, 2007


On a dreary, rainy, foggy day in July, we headed out on one of the world's most famous drives, the Cabot Trail on the Cape Breton Highlands. It deserves it's reputation, even on such a day. The vistas were awesome, even in the fog, so I can imagine what it must look like on a sunny day. The hills were so green and lush, and the trees so dense, and the ups and downs and curves so breathtaking, that we were exclaiming "oooh," "ahhhh," and "wheeeeee" constantly. At times the fog was so thick that we could see no end of the road at the bottom of a hill, and my knuckles where white and I wasn't even driving!

This was a pit stop at the side of the road after we reached the flatland again, and the sun had come out. It was beautiful.

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Linda up north said...

What a beautiful drive!