Friday, September 14, 2007


We saw the most interesting cloud formations from our campsite last night. The stripes of clouds went from west to east, across the whole sky. This view is towards the west.
This one I took facing the north.

This one is taken to the east.
And I walked down to the lake and took this one about a half an hour later. You can still see the remnants of the stripes in the sunset sky.


Anonymous said...

No way! What an amazing sight. It doesn't even look real, more like you've been photo-shopping your photos. Why should I be surprised in God's creativity? He's awesome...photoshop is limited by technology.

Kari's friend Claudia's Iowa friend

Linda up north said...

So did you post this from your RV at the campgrounds?? Is your husband able to get cable TV, too? Good thing you gave him another chance with it!

Sage said...

Linda, Nope, posted from Panera! But I did give him one more chance. Tomorrow we have to move sites, and he'll try from there. If it doesn't work, I'm going shopping! But he did get the TV working just in time to follow the latest OJ junk. Big whoop.

Nancy, I lived in Iowa for 11 years. Went to a little one room Christian Day school for all 8 grades. My dad was a pastor of two little country churches. It was an ideal childhood home .... and I always loved northeastern Iowa!


Linda B. said...

Oh I'm so glad you got pictures of these clouds! Alayna and I were returning from a late dr. appt. and she kept saying all the way home how she wished I had my camera. The clouds were just awesome to look at. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road!

Anonymous said...

We're in northwestern Iowa, but I grew up in Ames. Glad to hear of your fond memories of Iowa, because as you might remember, many still think we grow potatoes here.
nancy happy on an Iowa farm where we're blessed to grow corn, soybeans, hogs, and kids

Sage said...

My dad was from north western Iowa. My grandparents lived in Aurelia for many years, and I have relatives in Alta, Storm Lake and Cherokee areas. And I love corn fields! ~marge

Anonymous said...

Ok Marge, we're pinpointing my location. We're near Pocahontas, our rural address is Rolfe. Corn fields got soaked today, so harvest will slow. We hadn't started yet. It's been fun to communicate, after reading your daughter's blog daily since Claudia introduced me to it quite some time ago. I also enjoy seeing the US through your blog and camera lens.