Friday, September 07, 2007


I like to try to figure out the personalized license plates that we see on so many vehicles. Some are impossible to decipher, known only to the creator of the plate, and some are not fit for publication, but some are fun. Here are some I saw during our travels in the past couple of months.

On a sporty red car driven by a cute blond: APRLUV

On a big van full of kids driven by a mom: MIBLESNGS

On a yellow Hummer: of course, HMMMR

On a little Toyota: NOT A LXS

On a beat up pickup: JUNKYRD

Another beat up pickup: HAN D MAN

Obviously a reporter: MR NEWS

A senior citizen: 4 GOT IT

Two dog plates: K 9 LVR and K9K8

And the plates of a huge black pickup truck read: TEXASLEXUS

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