Monday, September 24, 2007


Today is our daughter Kari's birthday and I want to publicly wish her a happy birthday and tell her how proud her dad and I are of her. Forty two years ago today, (oh my, is it that long?), when we were living in Maine, Kari was born and we were filled with such pride and joy we could hardly contain ourselves. She has given us no reason in these forty two years to change our minds, in fact we grow prouder and prouder of her each year. Kari picked a wonderful son-in-law for us in Mike, and they have given us 6 super grand kids. The profession Kari has chosen has also made us proud. She is so passionate about getting FASD out there and in people's faces and showing the world that FASD can be cured by just refraining from alcohol during pregnancy. Kari has a huge heart and shares her love with everyone, and she is loved in return by everyone. And on her special day, I just want to tell her that her parents love her dearly. Happy birthday, daughter!

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