Monday, April 16, 2007


Yesterday it rained all day, quite heavy rain actually. I heard amounts of three inches and above. There is a lot of flooding around here, and now today with the brisk wind there are trees that pulled out of the soft ground and have blocked highways. Imagine the huge traffic jams that is creating! I'm sure glad we aren't driving anywhere today as I think there would be a little road rage involved.

We went to the post exchange and hubby purchased a new halibut and salmon fishing pole. We aren't planning a trip to Alaska this summer, but I guess he wants to be prepared for next year. He said it was a very good buy, so I guess it's okay. Then we came back to Panera for lunch so we could get online and check bank, email, and blogs.

And now I want to go across the street to the mall to look for a new pair of jeans. They're hard to find though, as I want top quality for a very cheap price. Think I'll find any?

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