Sunday, April 15, 2007


Good afternoon. Following a nice service at Christ Lutheran Church in Columbia, Maryland, we are now sitting at Panera where they have a wonderful French onion soup and wireless internet. What more could you want?

On Friday we took a trip to Annapolis. What a beautiful, historic town! We first went on a tour of the historic section, then took off on our own after we learned the lay of the city. It was easy to find our way around, and we soon were headed for the Naval Academy. But first lunch. We ate at the most unique cafe I have ever seen. I don't think they pay much attention to fire codes in this place because there is no way this little place would have passed! The aisle was one person wide. The little tables were about 18 inches apart, and the capacity must have been about half as many people as were actually in there. The noise was overwhelming and I thought of my grandson who has issues with that kind of commotion. He wouldn't have lasted 30 seconds in there. As it was, I had to really focus to stay long enough to eat my lunch. There were signs posted on every available space, things dangling from the ceiling, and pictures and posters of everything imaginable. The sandwich was very good, though!

Then we went to check out the United States Naval Academy for one of our grandkids. It's an excellent education Caleb, and you need to keep your grades up, be physically fit, and participate in community activities. Good thing you have good grades, run track and play basketball. Keep it up. I'm posting a couple of pictures for you. One is of the huge building where all 4300 midshipmen live and one is of the lawn area when some of the men and women were getting out of class.

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