Wednesday, April 25, 2007


One week and 1300 miles later, and I am finally back online! We left the Air Force base near Baltimore last Thursday and went to Hagerstown to stay in our friends' backyard while we visited with them and saw the historical sites in that area. We had a wonderful time with Glenn and Carole! Thanks for all the driving you did, all the time you spent showing us around, and all the food we ate. We love you guys! We also got to meet their two daughters and their families. You have a wonderful family and we hope we can see everyone again sometime.

On Friday we went to Gettysburg and on Saturday we went to Antietem and Harper's Ferry. I will post some pictures later from those visits. It was very sobering to be in the spots of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War one day, and on the next day be at the location of the bloodiest day of the Civil War where 23,000 were killed, wounded or captured in one day. From those numbers you would think that it must have covered a huge area. No, it was in a small woods and a cornfield! Unbelievable and extremely emotional.

On Sunday morning we took off for Minnesota, traveling through the beautiful hills of Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania on into the flat countryside of Ohio. Our resting spot for the night was a WalMart parking lot, my favorite camp spot. NOT! Monday morning we realized that we had gone over 400 miles the day before, and if we kept on that pace we could be in Minnesota by Tuesday afternoon. So, off we went, determined to keep on that schedule. On Monday night the WalMart parking lot was very small, and very full, so we didn't see an available spot to park. However, hubby spied the empty lot across the street in front of a huge grocery store that had closed. There were several semi trucks in the lot, so he decided we could park there too. So our spot that night was in front of an unidentified empty store. NICE.

But by 3:30 on Tuesday afternoon, we were set up in a site at our hometown's nearby state park! We're home! We haven't even called all the kids to let them know yet, but that is the next thing on our list of to-dos. We have seen my mom and my sister, and one daughter, son-in-law and three grandkids. We've a long way to go before we have seen all, and I am so excited to see everyone. I have missed everyone so much! I wouldn't have given up the past eleven months because we have seen so much of our great country on our travels, but my heart has ached with missing the grandkids. I'm so glad we're home!

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