Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Tomorrow would be one week since I've been online. There is just no place on this post to find a wireless connection. Don't these people realize I need my technology? We finally came to the library and are using their computers, so I won't be able to post any pictures, but I did want to update my blog.

Last Thursday we started our marathon sightseeing by going to the Capitol where we found that all the tour spots had been given out. We then went to the Botanical Gardens, the Air and Space Museum, the Castle, and had a wonderful lunch at the Native American Museum. The cafeteria is divided into five different regions of Native American food. Because four of our kids are members of a northern tribe, we decided on the Northern Plains section. We had scrumptious maple roasted turkey with wild cranberries, maple baked beans, and roasted root vegetables. It was a wonderful meal and I would love to try something from each of the other different areas.

On Friday we went to Arlington National Cemetery. It was a beautiful day. The blue skies, fluffy clouds, and flowering trees hid the fact that the nights had been down in the twenties. We watched the moving changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns, viewed the Kennedy grave sites, walked many miles of beautiful roadways in the cemetery, and ended up at the Women's Memorial. That was a beautiful building and the display of painted pictures of the men and women who have given their lives in the war against terror was very moving. I recognized the picture of Lori Ann, the friend of Jessica Lynch, and of Patrick Tillman. People have left letters, notes, flags, coins, teddy bears, and other objects by the pictures.

Friday evening we went to services in Columbia, about fifteen minutes away from where we're parked at Fort Meade. The gal sitting behind us leaned over to me and said she had heard us tell the pastor the name of the town where we were from, and she said her uncle used to be a pastor in that town. I asked his name, and when she told me I replied "and his daughter Ann went to the college where I worked for 18 years!" So we kept alive our finding connections at every different church we've attended in our travels.

On a cold, snowy, blustery Saturday we went to all the memorials down on the National Mall. We started at the Lincoln Memorial, then the Viet Nam Wall, on to the Korean, FDR, Jefferson, and Washington Memorials. It was supposed to be peak viewing of the cherry blossoms, and the next day was the big Cherry Festival doings. Guess what? Due to 25 degrees, snow, and high winds, the blossoms were a huge disappointment.

Sunday we attended the beautiful Easter services at the church in Columbia. We sang all the beautiful He's Risen hymns and heard again the wonderful message that He is risen indeed! Our Easter dinner was a 6 inch sub from Subway! Then we headed to the National Zoo to see the panda bears. The newest baby is now 125 pounds, so not so small anymore, but they are hoping for another. The mama had just undergone a "procedure" and they are hoping they will have another baby. The zoo is very nice and is free!

This brings you almost up to date. Hubby is not happy with the library computer as it keeps locking him out, so he went out to the truck. I will end here and hopefully will find a wireless connection soon so I can use my own computer and post some pictures. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of two retirees who are lovin' it!


Mom in MN said...

You should head south from DC on Route 1 and go to the Episcopal Church that George Washington was on the building committe of, and worshiped at. It's really cool (only a mile or two from my sister's house!). It's called Pohick Church and you can get inside and look around (open at 9am). If you go to Mount Vernon, you won't be too far away from it! (My sis works at a school near Mount Vernon).

Mom in MN said...

By the way, Fort Belvoir is very near there, in case you're looking for another military post!

Sage said...

Oh no! Don't tell me he missed one military post! Actually, it's quite nice camping on the bases. We have security and commissary, just no internet! We are heading west from here. We will stop at friends in Haggarstown MD, and then on to Minnesota! Can't wait!