Monday, April 30, 2007


We have been traveling for eleven months now and so far we love it. I love getting up in the morning and taking off into the unknown. We prefer the smaller two lane highways to the four or more lane freeways because you are off the beaten path, visiting small towns you have never heard of as opposed to the huge cities along the freeway system. One sees real America along the smaller roads, and we've enjoyed meeting folks and talking to them about their little towns. If we eat lunch in a cafe we pick the small "mom and pop" type places, often named Main Street Cafe or some other imaginative name. I don't think we've eaten at the chain fast food places except for one in Pamana City that proved to be a disaster, which I figure indicated that we shouldn't be there!

But now we are sitting still. We are parked at the State Park close to our home town; a park where we used to hike several times a week when we lived here in a real house. It's a couple of miles out of town, but not too far to run in for coffee, internet access, or visiting family and friends. And it's a fun place for grandkids to come and visit us. The campground is a wealth of nature....wood ticks, snakes, toads, and all things spring! This afternoon I plan to check the spot where we know the spring flowers bloom earliest, and we need to hike down the trail where the wild plum trees must be in flower because I can smell the perfume on the air in the late afternoon.

Sitting still for awhile is good, especially in a familiar place where family and friends live. We look forward to our next adventure which is New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and New Foundland as dear friends from hubby's Air Force days are joining us and traveling with us to the Maritime provinces, and we are really looking forward to catching up on the past 25 years. But I am more than content to be sitting still right now. I need my grandkid fix!

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