Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We have been down south where it was quite warm, upper 80's, for the past couple of weeks. That has all come to a screeching halt and they are forecasting lows in the lower 20's later this week. We live in an RV, remember, and will need to be concerned about freezing pipes. What a difference a day or two makes!

On Monday we left Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina and neaded north to Fort Hill near Bowling Green, Virginia. It was a small campground on a huge, hilly, tree covered, training base. We spent two quiet nights there. The town of Bowling Green was a picturesque little place, again full of history. Lafayette and men camped in the town square in 1781, and a nearby farm was the hiding place of John Booth after he fled Washington.

We left Fort Hill this morning, and are now parked at Fort Meade, Maryland, between Washington and Baltimore. The plan is to head out in the morning to see if we can master the Metro.

We are online tonight via an RVer's satellite system. He lets fellow travelers use his wireless hotspot, so we're checking email and blogs from our RV. Much more comfortable on this cold, windy night, than having to run off to the library or to the rec center.

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