Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, we did it! The run across the airport in Memphis was long and fast, but we made it. Not much time to spare, as I think only two people got on after us, and we weren't even seated yet when they announced that the door was closed, but none of that matters......we were on. The flights were good, even though we had the back row on the Memphis to Minneapolis flight. However we landed at the very last gate at the Minneapolis airport, so had a long, long walk to the baggage pick up which was the last spot on the other end. We found our bags quickly, although I realized that I had left a light weight black jacket under the elastic straps on the outside of my bag, and of course that was no longer there.

We picked up our rental car and drove to Stillwater to spend the night there. Of course we visited awhile before heading to bed. Sorry we kept you guys up so late!

And now I am in the motel back home, and hubby is in Duluth to attend his uncle's funeral. You can't beat my location....I'm right between Caribou Coffee, Dunn Bros Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, and Barnes and Noble Bookstore with Starbucks Coffee! Caffeine heaven!

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