Saturday, December 09, 2006


You all thought when he decided to fly home for Christmas that hubby had changed. WRONG! He is just as cheap as ever.....maybe more so.

Last night was the coldest night in Florida in over a year, and it was in the twenties when we got up this morning. He acted like another ice age was coming! He had the electric fireplace going but it wasn't quite enough to warm it up in there. Now mind you, we have a furnace. It runs on propane, which we of course have to purchase. The electricity is included in the lot rent, so he figures electricity is free. So, this morning instead of turning on the furnace to warm up the RV, he turned on every single light in the place, plugged in the toaster and kept pushing that down, and even put water in the crockpot and turned that on high. His cheap way of heating up the RV!

And you know what? It worked. I swear it was at least a quarter of a degree warmer in there.


FAScinated said...

Now that's the dad I remember!! ~Kari

Anonymous said...

Marge, Do you get to have hot water all the time? I am only allowed to turn it on for washing clothes, doing dishes and taking showers He likes it if I can do it all in one day. The rest of the time the water heater is off-cost of gas you know!!
I think they are all alike.Riky

Sage said...

Yes, Riky, I get hot water all the time. The water heater is set to electric, and that's included in the lot rent! But if we're traveling and have to set it on gas, then we only turn it on for showers and dishes! MEN!!!!!!

norskeneil said...

Portable ELECTRIC heaters are only $20 at Menards--got a little fan on it and thermostat. Maybe your better half could wrap one for Christmas--but then again there's the 20 bucks!