Thursday, December 07, 2006


(I had planned to write this last night, but after church we stopped at Home Depot and then Lowe's and it was late when we got home. It was also sprinkling a little and I didn't want to carry my computer up to the Rec Center in the rain. Please forgive me Caleb and Ben!)

Yesterday was a big 'birth day' in our family. My dad and two grandsons share that birthday. My dad would have been 92. He died in 1982, and I miss him to this day. When I was a little girl I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen.....he really was tall, dark and handsome. As he aged his thick dark hair became gray, making him very distinguished looking. He was so wise, and I have wished often in the past 24 years that I could have asked his opinion on one thing or another. My dad was a pastor, professor, counselor, friend to many, and the best father ever. Unfortunately he went to heaven before my grandchildren ever knew him, and that is a great loss for them. Daddy would have especially loved the fact that 2 of his great grandkids share his birthday.

Caleb turned 14 yesterday! Caleb is the spunkey redhead that accompanied us to Alaska this past summer, and I think I learned to know him quite well on our trip. He has more energy than most, is always on the go, always wanting to do this or that, and is forever making plans to do great things in the future. And you know what? I think he will! He loves sports, especially track and basketball, and his goal is to run a marathan. He has the guts and desire to do it, and probably the talent also, and I believe he can accomplish it. One of his long term goals is to attend Annapolis, this goal coming after watching the movie several times this summer. It wouldn't surprise me if he accomplishes that one, too. Caleb is bright and has a very inquisitive mind, and he drove me crazy this summer with all his questions. I can still hear him asking "but what if...." a hundred times a day! Harness that energy, Caleb, keep your head on straight, and I expect to hear about you doing great things! Hope you had a happy birthday and I love you!

It was also Ben's birthday yesterday and he turned 9. Ben has the biggest bluest eyes you can imagine, and I just melt whenever he looks at me and can only imagine the hearts he is going to break when he begins dating! This guy has been a computer genius since the first time he touched one. I'll never forget when he was about 6 and was playing games at our house on the computer. He called me into the computer room where he stood with hands on his hips and said "Grandma, don't you have a shortcut to on your computer?" Amazing! He also completely floored us when he began putting puzzles together with the backs of the pieces, not the picture showing! Ben is sweet and tender and loving, and I am so glad he came into our lives. I hope you had a happy birthday Ben, and we'll see you in just a week and a half. I love you!


FAScinated said...

About the Ben dating thing...let's not ever speak of that again. Let's just pretend that he is going to stay 9 forever.

*Sticking my fingers in my ears and repeating "La,la,la,la,la,la..."*

Linda B. said...

Kari-I see you with your fingers in your ears quite often!! Your kids are very lucky to have such a loving and cool grandma!! Yah, I know I'm on your mom's blog writing to you--I don't make sense!

Sage said...

You can talk to Kari on my blog anytime you want, Linda. And thanks for calling me a cool grandma! Hope we get to see you at Christmas time. I hear you're doing the Chucky Cheese Pizza thing this weekend. You are brave!