Sunday, December 24, 2006


Good morning and a Merry Christmas Eve. We are off to church in just a few minutes, but we have to make one more stop at the store before we can relax and focus on the real meaning of Christmas, the Babe in the manger. We have to stop by the grocery store to purchase the buns for the sloppy joes that will be the main dish at our motel Christmas party tomorrow. I made up the meat last night down at daughter Kari's home. The rest of the meal tomorrow will be snackie things; things I can put together in a motel room.

Yesterday I was out with the rest of the population of Minnesota, darting in and out of the stores, perusing the toy aisles carefully, and becoming more and more anxious with each passing minute. I searched more stores than I can name for skateboard stuff. We have a grandson who is into skateboarding, and I was off to find him a ramp for his mini skateboards. No such thing left in this town. I searched and searched. Fortunately I had a 14 year old expert with me, and he looked above, below and behind all the toys in the aisle where the skateboard toys are displayed, but there was nothing. Okay, I switched gears and decided I could maybe find a video showing how to do different tricks. Oh, I found a couple of videos, but nothing age appropriate. I asked the salesperson about the content of the videos, and he told me they were VERY mature and unless I was prepared for the language on them I probably shouldn't buy them for a young kid! Thank you young man! I would have been extremely upset if I had purchased them and found my grandson learning new words.

So, it came down to a gift card at a local department store. The clerk there said they would be getting in more toys after Christmas, so I'm hoping I can explain to our grandson that he can use the card to pick out his very own skateboard toys. I'm disappointed. I hope he won't be.

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Thea said...

I can guess that Nicolas is the Grandson you are referring to. He will never be disappointed in a gift he recieves, he appreciates everything. A gift card is great for him because he is so tight with all of his money.
Merry Christmas!