Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year's Eve from Memphis, TN. Seems we got into Memphis over an hour late because we sat on the plane at Minneapolis for over an hour before taking off. Broken toilet or some such thing that kept us from taking off. Then of course they had to de-ice, so we were really late. They put us up at the Holiday Inn here in Memphis and gave us vouchers for dinner and breakfast. And I found out we are called distressed travelers. Sounds worse than it is! We fly out tomorrow morning at about 9:30. More then.


Linda B. said...

Hi! I imagine that was quite distressing at that time for you! I'm glad you have that behind you and are almost done flying. I wanted to ask you, the next time your daughter mentions my name and the idea of spending New Years Eve in a hotel room with 8 noisy, active kids AFTER trying to keep them corralled in a hoity-toity department store just slap her silly for me!!

Sage said...

I could have told you it was an insane idea. Now you know better! And I sure hope you didn't save me a piece of your birthday cake. It looked disgusting to say the least.