Friday, December 08, 2006


Did I tell you about my Christmas letter? I was really excited about my letter this year. I had done it newsletter style, with columns, headlines, and with lots of pictures covering both sides of a sheet of paper. When I was finished I could hardly wait to print it. But after hitting the print button, I waited for 5 minutes for the 1st side to finish printing! Let's see, 5 minutes per side, 2 sides, 10 minutes per letter, 100+ letters...............I decided that wasn't going to work. Our printer is old, and would have blown up about a quarter of the way through. We checked two places in town, and the cheapest place to have it printed was $129!

I reluctantly rewrote the letter and took out all the pictures and kept it to one side of the page. It's still taking a long time to print, as I only dare do about 8 at a time, then let the printer rest. So for those of you who are getting the letter, just imagine beautiful colored pictures of Alaska, Kentucky, and Florida. And imagine the proud faces of the grandpa, son, and grandsons with their big fish. Maybe by next year I can have a better printer, and can include pictures. I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm not writing the letter by hand, nor am I addressing the envelopes by hand, thanks to my computer. What would we do without them?

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