Monday, December 11, 2006


Tomorrow morning I plan to take my thermos of coffee and lawn chair and just sit here and look and listen for awhile. It is beautiful!


Linda B. said...

The photos are breath-taking!! And it looks like you have it all to yourself! If you get bored, I'm in the market for sea glass!! It's a very very warm 35 degrees here in MN!

Sage said...

Linda, That's what I was really looking for, but not a piece to be found. In Alaska we found a lot of sea glass. I don't know what that means.....Alaskan's throw more bottles overboard because they drink more beer?????

Linda B. said...

I have no clue! What colors did you find in Alaska? My sister is learning how to make jewelry out of sea glass. She lives on the east coast now. It would be cool to know the history of the pieces!