Thursday, December 28, 2006


I know that many of you are taking down the tree, putting away the decorations for another year, and trying desperately to return your home to normal. We finally had our family Christmas party today, postponed because of my stomach flu. I was so happy that we could change the plans and have our get together today, and probably cause yet another meltdown or two with the excess people, excitement and food, and obvious change of routines. Three of the four families that were here today have younger kids, and I know it is about time that enough is enough of everything.

Our oldest grandchild had to go to work, but she came early and visited before work. Thank you Kjirsten! We love you and are so proud of you. Working full time and going to college full time is a real accomplishment. Her sister Katie and brother Aaron both probably had much better things to do on an weekday afternoon off from school, but they also came and each took their turn watching the little ones at the pool. Katie, too, is working many hours and going to college full time, and is doing so well. We are proud of you and love you dearly. Aaron has a job over break now, and we appreciate that you also took time off to come to our party. Thanks! Study hard kid! Love you, too.

Then comes the whole gang of boys.....Jacob, Caleb, Joe, Justin, Adam, Ben and Nicolas! Boy did they keep things lively! Caleb had a new video camera, and he made lots of funny videos of one of them pushing the other into the pool or other crazy "boy" things. These guys are all so much fun to have around, and they were all well behaved. We love each and every one of them so much. Thanks for keeping us entertained guys. You are the best! Hope you got enough pop, chips, candy and cookies to keep you going. (Brush your teeth extra good tonight!)

Last are the three little girls who were there, Jaden, Madison, and Anna. Jaden looked and acted so grown up as she quietly sat and played with a new electronic gadget that she got for Christmas, and with her new CD player already plugged into her ears. Madison spent time sitting in the corner, stuffing her mouth and backpack with handfuls of candy. Chocolate is good, isn't it, sweetie? And Anna enjoyed getting and giving a massage with her mom's hand lotion. She was at the food table with a clean plate every 15 minutes or so, and helped put a good dent into the meat and cheese plate. You girls are so special to us, and we love you all more than you could know.

Also here today were three of our sons and one daughter, and all of their spouses. I want to tell each of you that you are all doing an awesome job raising your kids. Dad and I are so proud of you all. Anyone can see how much you love your kids by the way that you talk to them and interact with them. My grandkids are so lucky to have you guys as their parents. Maybe they won't always appreciate you now, but in the end they will thank you for raising them to be the wonderful people that they are growing up to be.

You are all loved dearly, and greatly missed. Thank you for the memories of today that I will hold in my heart until we come back to see you all again this spring. God bless you all and keep you healthy, happy and safe until then.


Linda B. said...

You are such an awesome mom to express your love like you do to all of your kids and to your grandkids. I think of my grandparents and I know they loved all of us-but we never heard it. What a gift you give to your kids and your kids's kids!! I'm glad you are feeling better and safe travels to you and your hubby! Suppose you've had enough cold weather even tho it's been mild.

Sage said...

Thank you, Linda. I know I was loved as a kid, but I, too, never heard it said. I probably didn't say it enough when the kids were little and life was totally chaos, but I have vowed to let each and every one of them know it when ever I can, even those that are living lives I don't approve of. And I am so disappointed that there is no snow! The only flakes I saw were those I saw at your house! Happy New Year, Linda. You are one awesome mom, too! See you in the spring.