Friday, June 17, 2011


This morning I am lost in my blog from the summer of 2006 and the highlights of our retirement trip with the two grandsons in tow.  What a contrast!  This morning hubby is planning our two hour trip to a grandson's graduation party.  Five years ago, this was our trip, not two hours, but almost three  months, and this was our destination,  not a town just up the highway a bit!  Last night we had a cookout to celebrate Father's Day a little early and we grilled hot dogs, while five years ago this was our cookout!  Just a little difference there don't you think?   I would love to be back in our little campground in Seldovia, where these were the normal daily sights.   I love that little town, and would love to try living there for a year.  That's not happening as hubby wouldn't go with me, but I can dream can't I?

Then my mind jumps from from five years ago to three years ago.  Three years ago today we moved mom from the hospital to her last earthly home, the nursing home, where she died less than a month later.  And now she is living in a mansion, prepared for her by our heavenly Father!  Speaking of contrasts!  Do I miss her?  Terribly.  Would I wish her back on earth?  Not for a minute!


Jeanne said...

Your Mom must have been very very special! I'm sure you have lots of wonderful, loving memories.

I've just now been catching up on your blog - love your new car! I know you can't wait to get it. How exciting!

TonjiaT said...

and time marches on doesnt it?? I love your Alaska pictures, you guys really got to see the REAL Alaska...

I see you went to Tok, did you happen to hear of Chicken AK?? One of my coworkers husband is leaving on Monday to work a gold mine in Chicken. It is supposed to be a town of 200 or something, most of the residents are miners or people who cater to miners..

My Alaska experience was in Sitka with a brief stop In Ketchikan. It was beautiful there but wet. lots of rain all year. LOL

I know you miss your mom Marge, but you are right to not wish her back on earth, she is in a heavenly paradise, with my mom and dad right now..

Linda up north said...

Oh what a great mom you have! I feel the same about my mom... every year as the anniversary rolls around I miss her so much it hurts. But I am so happy for her to be in heaven! Praise God for Eternal Life!