Friday, June 30, 2006


SELDOVIA, ALASKA: On Monday evening, the last night the girlfriend's parents were here, we had a potluck at our campground. The above photos are part of the menu. We had clams which we dug on Sunday on our clamming trip. We had oysters purchased from the fish man on Friday. We had halibut and rock fish caught by girlfriend's father earlier that day, and we had salmon caught by our very own Dude! What a wonderful spread. All that was needed in addition was a green salad and a taco salad, and a wonderful blueberry pie provided by girlfriend's boss.

All the seafood was from the waters around Seldovia, and all was cooked to perfection by our son on his little grill. Of course the men all had to prove their manhood by eating clams and oysters raw, and even The Dude joined in those activities! I stuck to the fish portion of the menu due to my shellfish allergy. Halibut has to be on the top of the list of God's most perfect foods!

Think of us as you grill your hot dogs and burgers on the fourth of July and then decide who is spending just another day in paradise!

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Anonymous said...

OK, it's not the same, but I did grill a mighty fine farm raise salmon this evening. The wine, a relatively decent Chardoney, did help fill the gap between "alright" and "perfection".

With incredible envy,

Your son
Stuck in civilization and still working for another 20 years or so!