Friday, June 30, 2006


RED MOUNTAIN, SELDOVIA, ALASKA: We spent a wonderful afternoon on Red Mountain on Sunday. After a half hour drive up a winding narrow dirt road, we came to a green meadow surrounded by a red rock mountain on one side and a snow filled bowl and green smaller hills on the other sides. We hiked up the red rock mountain until we came to an area where the loose rocks would have been dangerous to attempt to cross, especially with young boys who don't think before placing their feet. There were tiny pink and white flowers, Alpine plants that I don't know the name of, and beautiful green mosses tucked in among the rocks. The air was fresh and faintly sweet smelling, and the quiet was almost deafening, broken only occasionally by a shout from one of the boys as they discovered yet another wonder in this land filled with wonders. As we returned to our parked truck the rain started, and we ended up lighting our fire and having our picnic of sandwiches and chips in a steady drizzle. But no one minded one bit. It was an awesome day......just another day in paradise.

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