Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This was my view at lunch time yesterday. What was yours? Are you jealous Steve and Lois? The trip is going well so far. We are very happy with our choice of RV's, and the truck is prefect, so no complaints almost two weeks into retirement! We should make Tok, Alaska tomorrow for a salmon and halibut cookout. Now are you jealous?


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Now I'm worried that you will get to Anchorage and we won't be here!! We leave June 16th at noon for Valdez. We are spending time with my brother Mike and his wife Karen for one week. We'll be back June 22. Please let me know what your time table is? WE WANT to SEE YOU!!!! love, GL

Sage said...

GL in AK......We should make Tok tonight, then maybe Anchorage tomorrow. I think we'll stay at a campsite at the base, so we'll call you as soon as we get in. Hope we can see you a few minutes at least. Or else you'll have to make the trip to Seldovia!!!!! We wouldn't come all this way and not see you so we'll work something out.

norskeneil said...

Glad to hear you and DH made it OK. My cell phone is free after 7 pm our time and all weekends of course. What plan do you have on your phones? I don't want to call and burn minutes unless I have a good Norske joke! :)
How is your satelite tv reception?
What dates are you expected back? Will it be in time for the reunion in Eau Claire for younger brother RL's 60th? JL & wife of AK are coming as well as DL & Susan of SFalls.