Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada: Wow! It cost me $40 to do a weeks worth of laundry at Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Highway. Washers were $4, 5, and 7 each, and the dryers were 25 cents for 5 minutes which in all actuality was 3 minutes. The laundromat was very warm and by the time I had finished I felt like I'd had a 2 hour sauna.

As I folded the boys' clothes I counted 8 pairs of boxers and 14 pairs of socks. When I asked them why there was such a difference, the 11 year old Dude said: "you don't have to change your underware as often as you change your socks!"


FAScinated said...

That's my son. He gets it from his father. ~Kari

Anonymous said...

Why would the boy even bother packing more than 1 pair of underwear? He's only planning on being gone for 3 months.

Come on... let's be honest here. We all know his father.

Stuck in Stillwater