Friday, June 23, 2006


Seldovia, Alaska: I just wrote a long interesting description of the last week, and the connection shut down and everything was lost. I tried to the recover post and everything, but it's totally gone. So, I'll just recap now because I'm getting picked up shortly and will probably not be back online for awhile.

Greetings from beyond the end of the road. Homer, Alaska is described as the end of the road, so because we are across the bay from Homer, we are beyond the end of the road. Seldovia is a small former Russian fishing village of about 300 friendly folks and at least that many dogs. As we are being introduced to people, we also meet their dogs, and we are trying to not only remember the human's names, but also the dog's names, and who belongs to who! We met Harry, Tisha, Sully, Moxie, Panda and quite a few other hairy individuals on Monday night, but haven't quite matched them all up with their human owners yet.

We've had an evening meal at the local cafe, a meal at our son's place, a meal at our RV, and a meal at the B&B where our son's girlfriend's parents are staying as they also visit the kids in their northern paradise. We have been out to the kids' property and have helped clear brush and burn it. And we have gotten jobs! Yup, we are the new campground hosts at the Wilderness RV Park in Seldovia. No electricity and no running water, but a view of spruce trees, often decorated with an eagle or two sitting on the tip top of the branches, the ocean, and the mountains off in the distance, including Augustine and a couple of other volcanos.

The grandsons, the kid formerly known as The Redhead, and The Dude, have been in young boy heaven. What can be better than a beach of billions of rocks to throw into the ocean, miles of trails to follow through the trees, and hundreds of salmon to be caught from the bridge in town. Every piece of clothing they have along is wet and dirty, and there are no laundry facilities in town! If the sun stays out this afternoon, grandma will have to attempt to wash some things by hand and hang them out to dry. It's been cool and rainly so far, so nothing that has gotten wet has dried.

We are having a wonderful time and hope you will all forgive us for our minimal contact. We have to go "out the road" to a hilltop in order to find cell connection, and I am only online because son's galfriend invited me to her work place for a little while. We will try to connect more often, and will share pictures and stories as we get the chance! Until then, I'll close with Seldovia's motto, JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE!


Anonymous said...

Hi !

We are so sorry that we missed you! So close.....yet so far away!! I can't even believe that happened!!

I asked GL if we could come over and visit you and we'll have to see if we can come up with a free weekend.

We are heading for Alexander Creek with our family for the 4th of July weekend. Should be fun! We are praying for sun!! It's been sooooo cold! Then, July 10th GL leaves for Chicago and MN on business. I leave the 13th for Grand Junction CO to see my dear friend of many years. I'll be back the 20th of July. And be home until the 10th of Aug. and then back the 21st. I don't have reservations yet for the August trip.

So, what are your plans. I better not miss you!! The next time you are in that spot that you can use your cell phone, please call me!!
I can't stand it that I can't contact you!! Isn't life in Alaska GRAND?!!

Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip so far. Can't wait to hear from you! love, GL

Linda said...

I'll bet the grandsons feel as though they are in paradise! What an awesome set of grandparents you are-it sounds like so much fun. I love hearing about your travels from Kari and your blog.