Tuesday, June 07, 2011


It is steaming out there today.  I took some pictures earlier this week, when it wasn't quite so hot.
Hanging in the tree in my backyard.
Along the side of the house.
My container garden pots lining the patio off the spare room.
Don't you love early morning sunlight?  This was about 6 am, on my patio off the kitchen.
The same steamy morning, with the sparkling cobweb in the trees.
My pretty fuchsia with the sun behind it.
The bunny and the bird are sharing the spilled birdseed on the ground underneath the feeder.
Looking out into the wetlands area behind our house, taken from the kitchen patio.
Bird feeders and fuchsia in the early morning sun.
And my new phone showing this afternoon's high temp!


Jeanne said...

Wow, it must be hot everywhere! Our temperature on the deck yesterday was 105 degrees. I don't remember ever seeing it this hot in June!

AKBrady said...

Blah! Well, I can assure you all it is not that hot up here in Alaska. HA!

linda said...

yikes, misery in that number....but these photos, loving that fucshia with the sun in back of it and the spidery tree...yes, the light at morning's light is always best unless it's that lavender light we have here right as dusk...it only last minutes so i always miss it too. xxx