Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, on Monday we went to the Sonora Desert and Saguaro National Park, on the west side of Tucson.  It was hot and dusty.  And beige.
 So hot.
So beige.
A strange growth on the top of a cactus.
Did I mention that it was hot and dusty and beige?
So we decided to climb to the top of that rocky hill to see the ancient petroglyphs decorating the rocks on the top.
I think they are so interesting.
Does it mean anything?
Or is it ancient graffiti?
Did I mention that it was hot and dusty?  At least there were no rattlesnakes.
Weird.  I miss my trees!

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Paxie said...

The cactus was different! Otherwise, yes. Hot, dusty and beige LOL

Good exercise, but I couldn't climb the hills. I like the last photo!!