Thursday, February 24, 2011


First of all, thank you for your comments and emails after my last post.  I am feeling much better, thank you!  I kind of made the turn around on Monday, and have done well since then.  Thanks for your concerns!  But, I sure did get behind in posting.  I'll just plug away at it and try to catch you up with our activities here in Tucson.
  Can you imagine being a Native American, an Apache, and living in the area of southern Arizona over 200 years ago, and seeing strange people come in and build something like this our in the middle of the desert? 
The San Xavier del Bac mission is absolutely beautiful.  Because of the ornate painting on the inside, especially on the domed ceiling, it has been called the Sistine Chapel of North America.

It has recently been cleaned and the paint restored, and it is very nice.

A tile picture on the outside wall of an adjacent building shows St. Francis of Assisi, as does this 
statue in the side chapel of the mission.  I love visiting missions.  They are so quiet and peaceful, although there were several tour groups here this morning, and it was a bit crowded.   

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