Thursday, February 03, 2011


We had a short day today, and are resting comfortably in a room on the Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.  The roads were good, the sun was shining, and the truck thermometer hit 24.  Above, folks!  24 above!  Haven't seen that since we were in Alaska a few weeks ago.
 Notice the nice clean windshield.  And notice the bare roads.  No snow.  No ice.  No problem!
The reason these fields look kind of brownish is that the grasses are showing through the snow!  There are not 60 inches of white, cold, flaky stuff piled on top of the fields!  Just a little covering of an inch or two is evident on these fields.  We must not be in Minnesota anymore!

Tomorrow we head to Amarillo, Texas.  Speaking of Texas....did you hear that El Paso, Texas is expecting a temperature of 7 degrees?  Unbelievable!  Way up in Alaska my son is enjoying 27 degrees!  Weird!


Anonymous said...

isnt this the weirdest storm you have ever seen? I used to live 2 hours south of Wichita, in Coffeyville Kansas. I have seen some pretty ugly tornadoes there, but not in February! LOL

Have a safe drive tomorrow!

Lena . . . said...

I so appreciate your pictures as I had forgotten what it looks like to see grass poking through the snow (chuckle). My brother, who lives in central New Mexico wrote me that he had a temperature of 24 BELOW zero the other night. I hope you find Texas warmer than that!

linda said...

and off you go again!! amazing!! and yes, this crazy weather...texas is so strangely freezing, my kids are there, some of them anyway, and yes, it's coooooooooooold down there! have lots of fun xoxox

linda said...

btw, in sonoma county, ca, it's supposed to into the 70's today! YAY! XO

Jeanne said...

Yes we are having weird weather here in Southeast Texas! Watching the weather report this evening I saw that our 29 was even colder than the 31 in Minneapolis. But tomorrow it is suppose to be near 50 so I'm looking forward to that! Then another Arctic blast is expected next Wednesday. Don't put away your snow boots quite yet!

Paxie said...

It's so flat! I hope it warms up in Texas for you LOL