Saturday, February 05, 2011


Yesterday we traveled south through Kansas and into Oklahoma where we turned west.  We ate lunch in Enid.  (Don't even know if you still read this or not, Lisa!!!)
I was surprised at the scenery in western Oklahoma.  I don't know why, just didn't expect this, I guess.
It was pretty in it's own way.
The picture below is more of what I expected....and there are a lot of cattle and oil wells.
And for my northern friends.  That field in the middle of the picture is green.  Remember green?  We used to have it in Minnesota, too, before the days of snow and white.
And then we came to Texas.
And we passed huge cattle lots.......lots and lots of cattle lots!  With thousands of cattle.
There are also many fields full of bales.
We entered New Mexico this morning.  This is a rest stop along the highway.  The gal there told me that the other two workers couldn't make it in today because of bad roads!
All I know is that the highways are perfectly dry!  However, there is snow expected tonight again. 


Linda up north said...

I am here to tell you that you are missing a balmy 30+ degree day here in Minnesota :) I feel bad, right? hahaha
I hope you are into some warm country by now! In two weeks I will be basking in the sun of SW Florida, or I would be so envious...

Anonymous said...

Isnt it amazing how the weather can be so different in 3 states that are right there together??

Just think Marge, sunny days and desert are in your future! LOL

Lena . . . said...

I'm turning green with envy. Go sit in the warm sunshine for me, okay?

Anonymous said...

I've been to Enid, OK. My sister and her X were stationed there in the Air Force. My mom and I actually took the bus to Enid once, our luggage got off at Joplin, MO. It eventually caught up with us. My college roommate composed a song on the piano about Enid, that never got past the first stanza. She just liked the sound of the name.

"Enid, Oklahoma.
Enid Oklahoma. The sun shines dow on Enid, Oklahoma!"

Kind if catchy, isn't it!

Another thing in common with you, besides towns we've visited, I'm a grandma. We're praising God for the safe arrival of our first grandchild, a boy born to our daughter and her husband..and for clear roads today, so we could visit him again today with our four teens.

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

"The sun shines down" that would be. And piano accompaniment makes it catchier.


Marge said...

Oh, Nancy, congratulations on the birth of your grandbaby! No better feeling in the world than being a grandma. I hope all is well, and that your new station in life gives you much happiness!

Linda, I think it hit fifty yesterday! A bit of snow overnight though, and there is a weather advisory out today. Hope that just means the roads are wet! I know you are looking forward to Florida. Have a ball!

Tonjia, yes that is amazing. And it amazes me that two feet of snow doesn't slow us down much while two inches in some places closes the whole state!

Lena, come on down! We'll have room in the desert for another rig and a couple more lawn chairs!

Lisa said...

wow, I am behind times...I recognized the Gloss mountains and the scenry for I have transported many people on that road to the mental hosptial in Western Oklahom....there is NOTHING out there.
Where did you all eat lunch in Enid? Should have called me and I could have told you of a couple good out of the way places to eat. Hope you are doing good. I just sat down tonight and posted, and then have been reading your blog up/down to this posting. Now I am headed to bed. I need to catch up with you, either by email, or phone!!! hahaha...been thinking of you as I carry my nifty purse you made for me!
love and hugs!