Monday, February 14, 2011


Good afternoon from sunny Tucson where the temperature is too hot for me.  83 degrees.  Way too warm!  Now if I had some trees to sit under, or an ocean to dip my toes into, it might be okay, but this bright hot sun is too much for someone who is used to Minnesota weather!

I am sorry for my unexplained absence this past week.  I did miss you, but sitting in a site with no electricity, no water, and no sewer was not the best.  The wifi signal was intermittent,  at best, and I was lucky to get a couple of emails sent out.  So, now I have a few adventures to share with you.  I am labeling them updates 1, 2, and 3.

Number one:  On Saturday we took a trip up Mt. Lemmon, here on the north east edge of Tucson.  This road takes us to the foothills, and some beautiful homes with awesome views of the valley and the mountains to the west where the sunsets are spectacular.

 This is part way up the first hill, looking back over the Tucson valley.
The next one is a bit high up, and is looking towards the mountains in the west.
There are lots of rocks and cactus on the hills, and it is very dry.
We are on one layer of the road, looking at two higher layers.
And now, just when we're getting to the top, and some green trees, and some snow, and some lovely mountain village homes, blogger won't let me load any more pictures.  I don't know if it's this connection, or if it is actually a problem with blogger, but I'm not happy.  So, here is update number one, incomplete.  I'll try more later, but waiting an hour and fifteen minutes is long enough to try to load two more photos.


Anonymous said...

When I went on Active Duty in the Army, I was assigned to Ft. Huachuca. Where in the heck is that? When I drove from my Officer Basic Course in San Antonio to Arizona, I felt like I was driving off the face of the earth. When I got to the sign on the Interstate that said, Sierra Vista, 1 mile, I knew I was! Okay, the sign was just telling me where to exit, I had to drive another mile south to find Sierra Vista.

I LOVED IT! Great photos!

Jeanne said...

What a difference in temperature! 83 degrees must seem just awful to you. Glad that you are finally getting settled in now. We've been through that area a few times traveling to and from California. We've seen extreme heat during June and once in December we ran into snow all across southern Arizona and New Mexico.

Paxie said...

We left Maine and were stationed in Alabama in August. I get the temp difference!

It does look extremely dry. I want to see the homes LOL