Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Okay.  It's time for the reveal of the Extreme Trailer Makeover.  Drum roll please!

First up is the table and chair set purchased on Craig's List.  Before there was a dinette booth type arrangement in this corner, and I was not a fan of it at all.  It was hard to have dinner guests, or to have friends over to play cards.  You sat so close to the other person, and in our card games, the men always looked at our cards and cheated!
 Attached to the dinette and located under the big window here, was a small sofa.   The problem with the one place to sit was that someone would lay down on the sofa while I cleaned up after dinner and did the dishes, and then where could I sit when I was finished and he was snoring?  So two glider rockers with ottomans gave us each a spot to relax!   These were purchased at Cheapko, buy one get one free!
This shot shows you the grass cloth wallpaper I put on the bottom half of the slideout, and the chair rail we installed on the wall under the windows.  The new carpet was installed by SSIL (super son in law) Mike.  Doesn't the carpet look great?  I have a small table that will go between the two chairs and will hold a lamp.
We haven't tried it out yet, so I don't know how it will all work for us, but I do like the way it turned out.  I guess we'll find out how it works in a few weeks.  We plan to leave Minnesota shortly after Christmas.  It seems silly to talk of leaving after the 70 degree temps we've experienced this week, but I guarantee that will change.  Like probably tonight.  The forecast is for rain, which will most likely turn into the white stuff by this weekend.  And that's just a fact of life!


Anonymous said...

It looks like a home away from home..very pretty, clean and non-junked! LOL You have to give it that lived in look and feel! Have fun!

Robbin said...

I love it, it looks great!

Debbie said...

Having had a motorhome and 2 trailers, I understand exactly why you did this. It looks great and I have a camper at the lake you can come do for me LOL!!

Wonderful job done by all and I especially love the "sleeping helper" comment hahahahaha

Lena . . . said...

It looks wonderful - all snug and cozy. There is nothing more comfortable than your trailer/RV. When you're in it all your cares seem to just melt away and you can relax. I just finished cleaning ours out and Ole is winterizing it this afternoon. Hopefully we'll also be taking off after Christmas but at this point lack a heated place to store it so have to take everything out that might freeze and put RV antifreeze in. More work, but well worth it. What direction are you headed this winter?

Anonymous said...

I've gotta show Rick this make over. We're RV "wanna be's" some day!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

WOW that looks road ready! It looks like it could have come from the factory like that.
Do you have the hitch fever yet?

Lisa said...

awesome job....this does appear to be very functionable. Will it travel safely in place and not move around much? the carpet looks great, he did a fab job.