Friday, November 26, 2010


No, I am not.  I refuse.  I simply am not going to go shopping today!  I cannot for the life of me see any reason to face the mobs to buy something.  I need nothing myself, and I no longer do much Christmas shopping.  Most of the grandkids are at the age when $$$$ speaks louder than a gift wrapped shirt, pajamas or a toy.  So I have gone the easy route!  It's going to be Visa cards for all.  (Hey Justin.....don't tell anyone, okay?)  Actually, it's no secret.  Everyone knows it's all about the cash.

But that doesn't mean I'm staying home.  No, never.  A couple of my sisters are going to do a little shopping, and I will meet them for lunch.  Tis the season to add to the wiggly jiggly roll around the waist!

We had a wonderful time yesterday.  The food was perfectly delish, the kids were so good, and the adults even acted appropriately!   And I want to publicly thank oldest child, Kari and her family,  for hosting the whole family this year.  Yes, it was tight, but it was so much better than it is when I have it in our little duplex.  Thank you!  Everything was wonderful! 


Anonymous said...

Was Ernie included in the "behaved adults"?

Lena . . . said...

I'm with you - no Black Friday shopping for me. There is no sale good enough nor anything I need badly enough to face that madding crowd.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening with our friends and family. We all ate too much and I can't believe I still have a refrigerator full of leftovers. So not only will I not be shopping today, but I won't be cooking this weekend either!!

Paxie Panicker said...

I hear you! Sitting here trying to think of something to get my son in the comfort of my pj's. It is about the money.

Happy Thanksgiving and I'm glad you all had a wonderful day!!