Tuesday, November 09, 2010


We did.  On Saturday, after the lefse making, I joined my oldest daughter and her two youngest and we went out to our local Minnesota State Park and took a hike in the unseasonably warm afternoon.  It was so nice! This is the Upper Falls, unusually full.  Remember that parts of this area had almost a foot of rain in September!
 The Lower Falls, with the bridge and the Upper Falls in the background.
 We hiked down to the river and then along the bank to get up to the Lower Falls.  It isn't the easy path I remembered from my youth.....oh, maybe I'm fifty years older now!  Could have something to do with it!

Someone thought she should leave her name for future generations to discover! 
The kids loved the holes or caves carved into the soft sandstone walls.  Sorry about the out of focus waterfall on the right!
My traveling companions!  I was a lovely afternoon for a hike and a picnic of Subway sandwiches.

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