Saturday, November 13, 2010

$77.75 for $5

I scored big time yesterday.  You can too!  Get your butt over to Joann Fabrics!  Yesterday on my way home from the grocery store I stopped by just for a minute.  Then I saw the sign:  5 for 5.  Five Simplicity patterns for five dollars!  So I plunked myself down at the table with the pattern books and perused the current Simplicity book from start to finish.  I now have a new skirt pattern, an apron pattern, and three new handbag patterns!  For five bucks!  The total marked price of the five patterns was $77.75, so  I saved $72.75!  Not a bad deal at all!

So now I have to hurry and clean the house so I can sit down at my Big Brother and make some bags!  No need to buy fabric as I have a yard or two or eighty in my stash!

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Anonymous said...

You and Big Brother will have a great day! Fabric's anonymous....