Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Left side:  youngest sister Lois, middle sister Ruth, hubby, and BIL Ike.  Right side: Sister next in age to me Betsy, SIL Carolyn, brother Paul, and BIL Ross.  We all met for lunch on Sunday.  Paul and Carolyn had been to Branson for a short trip, and on their way back home we all drove to a central meeting place and had a great visit and lunch.  As of December 21, only one of us will be full time employed, youngest sister Lois, as Paul is retiring from his career as a State Park Manager.  Hopefully we can all get together more often as I so much enjoy my siblings and the outlaws!
Then yesterday, Monday, it was back to church for a funeral.  A 95 year old, long time member and our neighbor, had died.  I had to work in the kitchen so I didn't get to attend the service.  Even when the food for the lunch is catered, there is a lot of work to do to set up and serve 150 people.

Today it was back to church for my Tuesday morning Bible Study.  This is a group of gals that I enjoy so much.  We range in age from me, the oldest (by only one week!) to a young gal who was a student at my college just a year or two before I retired.  She has three little ones, while the rest of us have mostly launched our kiddos out of the nest.  The varied ages of the members makes for good discussions.

And then tomorrow is the beginning of Advent, and our college auxiliary is serving a sloppy joe supper before the service, so it will be back to church once again.  And once again I'm working in the kitchen.  I guess there are much worse places I could be hanging out!  And that reminds me of something my dad taught me in confirmation class.  (Yes, I'm a PK, my dad baptized, confirmed and married me!)

Do not say what you do not want to be saying when Jesus comes.
Do not do what you do not want to be doing when Jesus comes.
And do not go where you do not want to be found when Jesus comes. 

Good advice, don't you think?


Paxie Panicker said...

Outstanding advice! Doing God's work...can't ask for more!!

Anonymous said...

time spent with your church family is always a good time. And working in the kitchen is always so fun!! keep up the good work Marge, you are inspiring others..