Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Two years ago today we left Minnesota, heading to Alaska, with two grandsons in tow. We were driving our big truck and towing a 35 foot 5th wheel trailer that was our home for the next 20 months. When we left Alaska in August we returned the boys to Minnesota so they could go to school, and we continued on our way.

In the 20 months that we were full time RVing, we were able to see much of the United States and Canada. We went from Minnesota to Alaska, to Minnesota, to Florida, up the East coast to Maryland, back to Minnesota, to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and New Foundland, to Maine, to Minnesota, to California, and back to Minnesota. I was going to list every state and province, but I think you get the picture. We saw a lot of this great country.
Each place we visited was special in its own way. I love Alaska. Every time I visit there I love it more. Alaska is my favorite place we visited, but I found a lot of new favorites too. Last spring we were in Maryland, and we really loved the area around Haggarstown. The lush green rolling hills were not a whole lot different than our home state of Minnesota, and the spring flowers were beautiful. Then last summer we traveled to the Maritime Provinces and I fell in love with New Foundland. It was so green, so peaceful, so pristine and so beautiful. I would love to return there some day to take the other road. There are basically two roads, one goes north, the other goes east. We went north. This past fall we went west to Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and California. On that part of our journey we fell in love with the area around Gunnison and Crested Butte and would love to return there someday. And we really enjoyed San Diego and the Pacific Ocean.

In twenty months we really went from sea to shining sea. We were northwest to Alaska and northeast to New Foundland, and southeast to Florida and southwest to California. We covered this great country in all directions, ocean to ocean. Now we are living back in Minnesota, a beautiful land of 10,000 lakes. I miss the adventure of traveling, the excitement of new sights, and the thrill of mountains and oceans. But I have my memories, and thousands of pictures! We did something that many people talk about doing, but we actually did it. And we don't regret a minute of it.


Lisa J said...

Oh HOW WONDERFUL. Yes, I am very jealous. I have always wanted to do that too, but fear that my husband's driving would end up getting him killed...by me. And that would put a big damper on the trip don't you think. But I am thinking of driving to places and then staying in hotels instead of pulling a trailer. Especially with the price of gas now. I am so happy for you to have that experience and MEMORIES.

Memaw's memories said...

I am envious of your travels. I know you had a great time. Did you come through Arkansas on any of these travels?

Russell said...

You did what so many of us SAY we are going to do!! You actually did it and lived it! Good for you!!!

I have said for years and years and years that "some day" I am going to go to Alaska or travel to Nova Scotia or ..... But talk is cheap, isn't it??!

To actually do it is what counts! And you did!!!!

I have lots of respect for your sense of adventure and willingness to do what the rest of us only wish we could do!!!

Take care.

DAndiKai said...

Marge! Good for you guys... I have been dreaming for the last few years to visit every state in the US in a single trip lasting 6 months to a year. Of course, there are other complications (like the fact we are still in Japan...)

Don't know if you heard yet... we had a little baby boy (Malakai Jevery Jaspersen) in February. check out our blog. We just started it, and as we are on vacation, I haven't written in a few days, but keep checking back! :o)

Miss seeing you in the Lab every morning! Have a cup 'o jo for me (nursing limits my caffiene intake!) :o)