Sunday, June 08, 2008


When we were traveling, I put together a couple of easy quilts. This one is a flannel, made with 20 fat quarters, in a pattern called turning twenty. It's easy to do, and I think it turned out pretty well. I took it to a local quilt shop and had it quilted on one of those long arm machines that I would love to have! I know, no place to put it. Now I need to put the binding on and it will be finished.
This afternoon we were invited to a graduation party. This is our grandson Aaron and his girlfriend, Anna, who graduated this past week from one of the local high schools. Anna is very talented in drama. She has starred in all of the high school plays since she attended there, and has also directed plays herself. She would like to get her generals out of the way at a small local college, and then apply to the drama department at the state university in our town. Her parents had a very nice party for her, with hundreds of her pictures and awards covering the walls of a couple of rooms of their house. Aren't they a cute couple?
Tomorrow we take mom in for her pre-op physical, then Tuesday she will be admitted to the hospital where they will run additional tests. The biopsy is scheduled for Thursday if nothing shows up in the tests to prevent it. We can use prayers this week.

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Lisa J said...

Consider it done...the prayers will be there for you. Yes, they are a very cute couple,I believe you had their pictures included in some of the wedding pictures as well didn't you? He is very handsome, and appears to be tall. Is he tall or is she kind of short? They are very cute together. Hey, that quilt is wonderful. It would be great for a drawing....I know, the first person to post a comment on your blog! Oh wait, that would be ME! You are very talented. You may think that quilt is simple, but for someone like me that is not a simple task. I am not talented, or even capable in that department. Should have taken home-ec in school rather than FFA. I can build fence, or show a steer, but can't sew. Which one do you think would be more important today! You got it, and I can't even thread a needle! Thanks for sharing the pictures, love them.