Friday, June 13, 2008


This morning I am full of gratitude. To God for bringing mom through her ordeal yesterday, for my siblings who stay so strong when I am on the verge of falling apart, for grandkids who put a smile on my face, and for my friends out there in the blogosphere who have been so generous with their support, love and prayers. It is especially overwhelming to read all the comments and emails from you dear friends that I've never even met. Thank you so much, you don't know how much I've relied on your strength.

By the time I left the hospital last night, mom was starting to be a bit more alert. She still slept most of the time, but when someone would touch her arm or speak to her, she would open her eyes and try to focus on the visitor. You could tell when she recognized them because a big smile would cross her face when our faces became clear to her.

Kari brought Ben and Anna, my grandkids and mom's great grand kids, up to the hospital for a few minutes last night. She had prepared them for the sight of their Nana with a shaved and bandaged head in the attempt to fix her broken brain, and both of the kids did very well. Ben was interested in all of the equipment, so I showed him all the wires and tubes and explained the different numbers and readouts on the various screens, and he said "cool!" Anna had a different view on things. When they had left the room, Kari asked Anna what she thought about seeing Nana with a bald head and Anna replied: "People look funny when they don't have Nana and Britney Spears!" As Kari said on her blog, you an always count on Anna to bring a smile to your face. And the picture that I posted above always brings a smile to my face! Love you Ben and Anna!


Lisa J said...

Aren't grand kids the greatest gift from God. They just are so sweet, pure and innocent.(when they are asleep huh?! Just kidding). They help us to see the good in life and in ourselves when we need it the most. They love us no matter our size, age, or hair! God bless grandkids and the kids that give them to us! Thanks for being a dear friend to me as well.

Linda B. said...

I don't think I'll ever see a photo of Brittney Spears and not think of your mom! Bet you never thought you'd ever hear that statement! :o)