Monday, June 30, 2008


Last week my sister was promised that she could start moving some boxes and small things into her new apartment at the beginning of the week. Didn't happen because the painting wasn't done, but it wasn't too big of a disappointment. The manager told her that he'd had to fire the painter and he was in the process of hiring another one and she could move smaller things in on Thursday. We stopped by on Thursday evening and it wasn't done. The painter had been there and had started painting, but judging by the eight empty beer cans, I think he was doing more than painting. So the manager said it would be done by Friday night and she could move in then. Oops, when we stopped by on Friday, nothing had changed since Thursday night. Lois called the manager and said that people were coming in from out of town to help her move, and if it wasn't going to take place she had to notify them. Oh, it will be done, he said.

Saturday morning dawned, cloudy and with a forecast of showers. And the apartment hadn't changed from Thursday night. But the apartment down the hall was empty so why didn't we just put everything in there, and when the place was finished we could move it all again, to the real apartment! Well, I guess we didn't have any other option, so that's what we did.

Okay, today is Monday. When we checked at 2:30 the apartment wasn't finished yet although there was progress! Lois called the apartment manager to find out the latest story, and we finally found out that we can move things in tomorrow. And the carpet would be cleaned too. Well, do you think this time we've got the true story? We hope so because we have a crew lined up to move everything again.

That is, we'll move everything after we clean the place up. The stove and fridge are filthy, I wouldn't dare put things in the cupboards, and the bathroom is totally unacceptable. So we have to clean first. And you can bet I'm taking before and after pictures. And I'm also thinking that this might be a real good time to ask for the dirty falling apart blinds on the windows to be replaced!


Lisa J said...

Are you sure this isn't a sign that maybe she should move somewhere else??? I would be worried about the manager not keeping his word. Your poor sister has had to move an aweful lot so I am sure she appreciates your help tremendously. I hope your mother is doing fairly well and you are getting some time in with her as well. Take care friend, so good to hear from you!

Lisa J said...

Thanks for checking on ME. I am fine, just busy with 4th Of July plans and taking two more photo shoots to do soon. I am having fun.