Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hurry up and wait seems to be our theme song lately. Every place we go we are given a specific time, so we hurry to get there on time, and then we wait. And wait. And wait.

This morning mom was to be at the neurologist at 8:45 to check in for a 9:00 appointment. So we rushed to make it on time. And then we are left alone in an office to wait. Mom was tired (I think she needed a second cup of coffee! I know I did!) and she wasn't very happy to wait. Finally a nurse comes in to take her vitals and fill out a form. Probably the very same form we've filled out a dozen other times, but each different room needs their own copy, you know. In this day of technology I don't see why the first person who gets the information can't just load it into the computer and then everyone can pull it up! Too simple, I guess.

Anyway, when she was working on the information, the doctor came in, so at least we didn't have to wait for him! When he finished talking to us about the biopsy procedure mom will have on Thursday he left saying "the nurse will be back to admit her." Oh? When? Today yet? We waited.

Finally the nurse walked by the open door of the exam room and said she'd be right back as soon as she finished the forms. We waited. She walked by again, and again said she'd be right back as soon as she finished the forms. We waited. Finally she returned and said we were heading to the hospital room that mom would be calling home for awhile.

When we got to her room we were surprised to find out she was in the ICU. Seems there were no other beds available, and because she'd need to go to ICU after the biopsy on Thursday, they decided to put her there right from the beginning. This is actually good, as it's a private room, and we do have to talk loud because of mom's hearing, or lack of, so it's nice to have a private room. She was put into the bed and we waited for someone to start the IV. The nurse came in and tried, but after three failed attempts, painful ones according to mom's wincing, she gave up and called the lab people "who do these things all the time." We waited. A lab technician did finally come, and after one careful stab the IV was flowing. Then we had to wait for the MRI.

We had not been told that this would be today, and there were no restrictions given, so mom ate breakfast. Now we find out that they would like to wait 6 hours between eating and the sedated MRI. She ate breakfast at about 7:30 so they set the MRI for 12:30. UMMMMM.......that's 5 hours guys? Oh well, I guess they know what they're doing. Do they? Well, we waited. They finally sent up a nurse to take mom down to MRI, so she got into the wheel chair and they started down the hall, hauling the bulky IV pole with them. OOOOOOPS, sharp turn and return to room. She can't have the MRI until 1:30 if she ate at 7:30! Oh really? Wonder if anyone told them that five hours ago when we questioned it? So back into her room she went. Guess what? She finally had the MRI, WITHOUT SEDATION!, which meant we didn't really have to wait the 5 or the 6 hours.

Now mom is alone in her room, waiting for one of us to come back tomorrow morning, so we can sit with her and wait. For another MRI. Wonder if they'll get it straight this time? I can't wait to find out.


IzzyBeth said...

I am so sorry you had a day like that! I HATE it when people dig with needles and don't get it right the first one - I always have the urge to punch the 'vampire' who is taking my blood.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I am so familiar with this hurry up and wait. It drives me nuts. But that is the way it works I guess and we have little choice but do what they say, when they say. And in their own time. I hope she rests well tonight.

buckatwos@gmail.com said...

UGH, hospitals! It's like no one knows what the other is doing with a patient.

I hope and pray you rmom is handling this all well.

The Park Wife

Lisa J said...

Oh, I am so sorry. This seems ridiculous to me. I am not good with hospitals, doctors, insurance etc so I am not objective I assure you. But the stress alone is not healthy for your mom. Makes me want to question the hospital and how professional they are. I hope you get better treatment tomorrow/today and get some peace about things. Take care friend, I will be thinking of you.